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The Carl Angus DeSantis Foundation is a private foundation.

Based in South Florida, we serve qualified non-profits in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

We invest in leaders and entrepreneurs
in the following areas of interest:

Civic Innovation




A Better Community

Be a driving force in the community for effecting positive change by identifying and supporting organizations that have the potential to change our community and world.


We aspire to be recognized as a model philanthropic organization by establishing a track record of meaningful support; by sharing what we’ve learned and being a go-to resource for the community.


Be a leader in leveraging and collaborating with other foundations by establishing and maintaining relationships with other funders and team up where possible.

Supporting Innovation

Be willing to take risks to make meaningful impact by being open to creative approaches and supporting exceptional leaders.

Our Values

Be known for integrity, creativity and caring by creating a transparent grant process, by building relationships with the leaders/organizations we support. By connecting those leaders and organizations to resources so they can grow their impact.


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