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Faith Based Giving

The Carl Angus DeSantis Foundation’s passion is to help others by providing generous support of programs designed to alleviate human suffering. The CADF prefers to support agencies that assist people who have fallen on hard times, have special needs or need additional training and education to improve their lives.

We aim to support organizations and programs that serve as a “Lighthouse in the Community”.

By supporting faith-based organizations, we demonstrate our belief that spiritual activities serve an important function to bring about social change.

The Foundation will ordinarily deny grant requests (as adopted by our Board of Directors) for:

  1. For routine operating expenses. 

  2. To pay off deficits or pre-existing debt. 

  3. Church planting.

More to come because we’ve only just begun.


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We invest in leaders and entrepreneurs
in the following areas of interest:

Civic Innovation




Featured Grants in Faith Based Giving

4KIDS $100,000

4KIDS Broward Foster Care $200,000

4KIDS $250,000

Convoy of Hope


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