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4Kids is a highly regarded Broward based non-profit serving children in crisis. The organization finds and trains foster families, provides therapy for traumatized children and fosters adoptions.

The latest grant supports three programs:

TIL2:25 (Transitional Independent Living). This program helps teens who “age out” of foster care prepare for and navigate the transition from foster care to independence. Studies show that many kids transitioning out of foster care end up in trouble with drugs, alcohol, legal issues and homelessness. This program is designed to stop those issues by providing transitional living arrangements for 20-25 young adults in four homes. The program includes mentoring, counseling, life skill plans and live in RA’s who maintain a safe and healthy environment until clients can live independently.

The second program is called EPIC Therapy which is a highly effective counseling service with demonstrated results. The grant supports EPIC Therapy in Palm Beach and Broward.

The third program is designed to help 4Kids engage the church community in an effort to find, train

and assist foster parents who are in short supply and very much needed.

The goal is to find 32 new foster families (16 each in Broward and Palm Beach). Recruitment is done by visiting churches and church events. The goal is to fan out over two counties every week for a total of about 1,300 actions/engagements. The organization has a detailed engagement plan and uses a Community Engagement Team to cover two very large counties.

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